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Jessica Durow

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From Texas to Colorado

jdurow77 - 20/08/2019

Living in Texas my whole life, it was no easy decision to pack up and start over in a unfamiliar city; having to learn everything new about the climate, culture, and economy —all things I felt certain about for as long as I can remember back in Texas.

My soul has always felt unsettled and yearning for more than my upbringing and life in Texas was providing me. When I first visited Colorado in 2015 to attend my graduation from The University of Denver, I saw an opportunity for a fresh start, healthier lifestyle, and chance to migrate away from the stressors and dramas that bound me to Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always have a soft spot for, and in a lot of ways consider Texas home, but the mountains were calling…….and the change of my life’s climate was overdue.

Texas will always hold my family, friends, memories, and first pets in my heart, but I was at a point where the hardest thing to leave behind was OUR first home. I loved that house and was proud of all the work we put into it. But home is where your heart and loved ones are….and I took the best parts with me.

Our Hockley, Texas home

Moving Day started with kolaches and coffee.

Stopped for a snooze on the Texas state line.

Poor Cooper was so tired and confused.

We made it into Colorado!

All previous Texans, now Coloradans. Thankful for good friends
(that I’ve known for 20 years) who will
cross the state line to lend you a ‘driving’ hand to your new home.

I could never grow tired of the views in Colorado.

The feeling of bliss.

Taking in the mountain views

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