Jessica Durow

Marketer, Web Technologist, Brand Expert

Jessica Durow

Marketer, Web Technologist, Brand Expert

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Website / Build & Management

Venterra Living

Venterra Realty, a national real estate service and management company's prospect and resident website that encompasses over 55 nested apartment community microsites, and has several integrations including: xml live feed, reviews, and live chat. This community site focuses on mobile first and performance improvements relating to Google's current algorithm to provide best in class UX, SEO, a flexible platform, multiple conversions points, and at least 10% YOY traffic increases.

Website / Build & Management

Venterra Realty

Venterra Realty's corporate and recruiting website - built to attract the best talent and investment partnerships, provide a preview into what makes Venterra tick, and speak to the uniqueness of The Venterrra Experience.

Branding / Promotional


Venterra Realty is adding package lockers to their communities to provide a convenient, secure way for residents to receive packages. True to the brand, we've taken it a step further and wrap our lockers in designs that represent the local area, along with Fun messaging.

Branding / Community Rebrand

4123 Cedar Springs & Park West

Ilume and Illume Park, located in Dallas, Texas are a highly sought after mid-rise communities in the colorful Oaklawn neighborhood. To maintain stature, these communities have undergone a makeover providing new names, building paint, signage and messaging.

Branding / Graphics

Corporate Design